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Strong and Secure Steel Security Doors for Your Home

When it comes to keeping your home safe and secure, one of the most important investments you can make is in a high-quality steel door. Our steel security doors are designed to provide the ultimate protection for your home, with features such as:

Ultimate Protection

Homesguard doors provide ultimate protection from any danger that might face your family with our 11 safety locking point system.


Homesguard Doors are engineered to be weather-proof with advanced sealing technology and corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring protection against extreme weather conditions.

11-Point Locking System

Our doors feature an advanced 11 point locking system with anti-burglary technology for ultimate security and protection.

Fire Resistant

Our doors are built to keep you and your family safe in the event of an emergency. Our fire-resistant doors are designed to withstand extreme heat and prevent the spread of fire, giving you complete protection.


Whether it's coastal salt air, extreme heat, or heavy rain, our doors are designed to stand the test of time and resist any rust or corrosion, providing long-lasting protection for your home."

Blocks Insects

Experience unparalleled protection from insects with our advanced insect-blocking technology that keeps even the smallest bugs out, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment.

Keep Your Family Safe with Safety Doors for Home

In addition to our steel security doors, we also offer a range of safety doors specifically designed for homes. Our safety doors are crafted with your family’s safety in mind.


Effortlessly Choose Your Perfect Door with Our 3 Simple Steps!

The first step is to decide what kind of door you want. We provide a large selection of security doors, ranging from modern to old-school sleek styles. We have something to fit every taste.


Once you've selected your door, the next step is to select the size and type of opening. We have a variety of conventional sizes, custom-made doors along with hinged, sliding, and bi-folding doors to meet your exact needs.


The final step is to sit back and relax while our team of expert installers take care of everything.  We'll make sure your door is properly fitted and that everything is working smoothly before we leave.


Discover the perfect security solution for your home. Get in touch with us now for a personalized offer price


Prevents stealing, but might steal you heart. Check out our bestselling doors!



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