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HG – 133 M&S Steel Door

HG – 133 M&S Steel Door

  • Material- Cold roll steel
  • Colour- Wooden
  • 11+1 inbuilt lock
  • Frame included
  • 2+5 keys included
  • Available in standard sizes
  • Non customizable
  • 5 Year Door Colour Warranty
  • 2 Years Locking System Warranty
  • Contact us for further details


HG-133 M&S Steel Door: High Security with Easy Access

The HG-133 M&S Steel door is an excellent choice if you want a door that combines high security with ease of use. This door’s sleek and modern design not only looks great, but it also offers superior protection against break-ins and forced entry.


• 7 layer printing technology for a wooden finish
• 11 locking point system for maximum security
• Soundproof and fire-resistant
• Rust-proof and termite-proof
• Honeycomb material for a knock sound like a wooden door
• Easy access with one door attached to another
• Suitable for both residential and commercial use


The HG-133 M&S Steel door is intended to be both secure and aesthetically pleasing. The 7 layer printing technology gives it a wooden finish, and the honeycomb material ensures a knock sound like a wooden door. The door’s contemporary design will look great in any home or office.


The HG-133 M&S Mother and Son Steel doors is one of the safest doors on the market. It has an 11-point locking system and is rust- and termite-proof, ensuring that it will last for many years. The door’s soundproof and fire-resistant qualities make it an excellent choice for those looking to improve the safety and security of their space.

Easy Access

The HG-133 M&S’s Mother and Son door design allows for easy access while maintaining security. One door is connected to the other, allowing access without the need to open both doors. This feature is especially useful for families with young children or elderly people who may struggle to open two doors.


Overall, the HG-133 M&S Mother and Son door is a great option for those who want high security with easy access. Its sleek and modern design, combined with its superior security features, make it ideal for any home or office. With a 5-year door warranty and a 2-year locking system warranty, you can be confident that this door will provide long-term security.


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