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HG-117 Steel Window Door

HG-117 Steel Window Door

  • Material- Cold roll steel
  • Colour- Wooden
  • 11+1 inbuilt lock
  • Frame included
  • 2+5 keys included
  • Available in standard sizes
  • Non customizable
  • 5 Year Door Colour Warranty
  • 2 Years Locking System Warranty
  • Contact us for further details


HG-117 Steel Window Door – Secure and Stylish

Stylish Design with Enhanced Security

Looking for a fashionable and secure window door? Take a look at the HG-117 Steel Window Door. For improved ventilation and security, this premium mild steel security door includes a built-in window with a stainless steel grill. Its fashionable design adds a touch of class to any home or office.

Maximum Protection

The HG-117 Steel Window Doors have an 11-point locking system for maximum security against unauthorised access. Its rust-proof and termite-proof construction ensures long-term durability, and its built-in window with stainless steel grill allows for better ventilation without sacrificing security.

At its core, the HG-117 Window Door is all about security. With its heavy-duty construction and advanced locking mechanism, this door is built to keep intruders out. The reinforced frame and durable materials make it virtually impossible to break through, while the multi-point locking system provides added peace of mind. Whether you’re looking to keep your family safe or protect your valuables, the HG-117 Window Door is the perfect solution.

Easy Installation

The HG-117 Window Doors are easy to install and suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Its high-quality materials and advanced security features give you peace of mind while also protecting your loved ones and valuables.

Stylish Design

While security is the top priority, the HG-117 Window Doors also offersa stylish design that will enhance the look of any home. With its clean lines and sleek design, this door is the perfect addition to any modern or traditional home. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your entryway or add a touch of elegance to your patio, the HG-117 Window Doors are the perfect choice.


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